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  Ion Beam Lab   Ion Beam

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Ion Beam Laboratory

Advancement in Science through ion beams

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Dynamitron Accelerator with the tank open



To provide students, faculty and off-campus users with the necessary resources for state-of-the-art research and development using accelerator-related technology.


Laboratory History

The Ion Beam Laboratory was established in 1970 to pursue research in neutron physics. Since that time, research activity has shifted toward studies in materials physics.   The Laboratory faculty have an established reputation in analysis and modification of materials using particle beams. Particle acceleration capabilities extends from ion implantation through materials analysis and from low energies up to several MeV.


Principal Research Techniques include:

  • Rutherford BackScattering (RBS),
  • High resolution Rutherford BackScattering (HIRRBS)
  • Particle Induced X-Ray Emission (PIXE),
  • Channeling (PIXE & RBS),
  • Microbeam RBS and PIXE,
  • Nuclear Reaction Analysis (NRA),
  • Ion Implantation

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